An Up/Down control in jQuery

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Recently, I needed to write an up/down selector – you know the sort, it’s where you select a number by clicking on an up or down arrow. Since they can be useful for other things besides numbers, I gave it the plugin treatment.

Most of the information about the plugin can be found in its documentation page.

Also available is a slightly beefier styled and animated demo of the plugin.

If you’re just interested in the plugin itself, you can find it here.

Yet another carousel control

Download the control here

I meant to write something about MEF after my holiday, but I’ve been sidetracked
for a while. One of the things that happened to divert my notoriously unstable attention was a quite excellent five day Blend course by Brennon Williams. My preferred method of writing XAML has been, so far, in a text editor, but Herr Williams was quite persuasive in demonstrating that Blend is, in fact, far, far better for the job.

As part of the course, we wrote a small application. I ended up hacking together a 3d carousel user control for this, which I felt was pretty cool, so I set about rewriting it as a custom control for future use. No, I did
not use Blend. Yes, I did notice it’s a damn sight harder to do it in pure code than it was in Blend.

Warning: This post contains some math. Continue reading