Staying on top of the (Google) Wave

Google Wave is an awesome tool, but right now I don’t have enough contacts on it to make checking it part of my daily routine. This causes me to miss the occasional activity of those friends who do use it, however rarely. Today I found an interesting wave which had been sleeping in there for the last five days, so I decided to look around and see if there are any notifiers available. The one I picked was Waver, which happens to be free, and works on both Mac and Windows.

Are you using Google Wave? What are your thoughts on it so far? Can you recommend any other desktop clients or notifiers for it?

iPhone won’t recharge after OS update

I’ve (belatedly) updated my iPhone 3g’s OS today. Just after the update, it started to heat up, and was not recharging no matter how long it was left on the charger. Restarting (hold down the home and the power buttons simultaneously for about 10s) seems to fix both issues.

First law of IT support – try restarting the bloody thing.

Things to do in Barcellona when you’re dev

See you thereI’m sitting in Barcellona’s international conference centre right now, waiting for the keynote speech for TechEd EMEA 2008 to kick off the 5 days of the Geek.

It feels fun already, my only gripe is that I can’t go to ALL of the sessions unless I learn to be omnipresent or something :'( Then again, most of the stuff on discussion are so cool that my head would probably melt down if I took it all in.