The Little Book of JavaScript

product_thumbnailI finally bit the bullet, sat down to do some writing again, and had a go at self publishing. The result is The Little Book of JavaScript, a short book containing a few odds and ends which I believe are useful for a novice or intermediate scripter.

It won’t take you through writing a complete application, and I’m assuming that the people who read it are a bit past the “hello world” phase. It’s aimed at people who have dabbled a little, but need a few gaps filled in. The book focuses on raw JavaScript concepts as opposed to their use in any particular framework.

The print version of “The Little Book of JavaScript” is available from Amazon and

The eBook is available from, Amazon, Nook and Kobo

[Edit 30/09/2014]Just received my printed copy, and it looks great! I’d happily recommend for anyone who wants to publish something.

Here’s a list of topics covered:

  • Some basics
    • Variable definition
    • Undefined variables
    • Strict and Lenient Equality
    • Logical and Bitwise operators
      • And: & and &&
      • Or: | and ||
      • The Negation Operator
    • The Ternary Operator
    • Scopes
      • Redefining variables in a scope
    • Closures
  • Functions
    • Declaring functions
    • Function parameters
      • Value and reference arguments
    • Return values
      • Fluent APIs
    • Functions as variables
    • “this”
      • Preserving context using closures
      • Bind
    • Callbacks
  • Object Oriented JavaScript
    • Classes
      • Constructors
      • Creating instances
      • “Singleton” constructors
    • Objects
      • Adding Properties or Functions to Objects
      • Namespaces
    • Prototypes
      • The Constructor property
    • Inline Definitions and JSON
  • Strict Mode JavaScript
    • Enabling Strict Mode
    • Effects of Strict Mode

I’d like to thank Claire, Chris, David and Matthew for checking the book and making sure nothing in it can accidentally awaken Chtulhu or cause a rain of angry goats or anything.

The print version of “The Little Book of JavaScript” is available from Amazon and

The eBook is available from, Amazon, Nook and Kobo


2 thoughts on “The Little Book of JavaScript

  1. Hi Karl,

    I am a web designer (html, css) and for a long time i have been looking to learn javascript and jquery so that i become a front end dev. I have tried various online resources but can’t manage to stick to the program. Could you suggest some place in Malta that teaches this language please?

    Thanks and regards

  2. Hi Jesper, thank you for your comment. I don’t know any courses in the area, but maybe another commenter might be able to help. I personally believe the best way to learn is to pick a simple project you want to work on, and build it up!

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