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If you’re anything like me, you probably have a few thousand documents and files lurking around a small forest of New Folder(n) on your desktop. If you’re anything like me at all, you probably also lack the time, interest, inclination and attention span needed to track them down, go through them, and organize them. Now, it so happened that some time ago, a friend of mine had complained of being in a similar situation; worse in fact, since more than one person uses her PC, leaving the whole thing in a mush.

It so happened that I didn’t have much to do in the weekend (note to self: get a life. Naaah…), and had been wanting to brush up a bit on WPF for quite some time, so I sat myself down and started coding. The result is this organizer.


At this time, the organizer can organize (duh) pictures, mp3 files, and eBooks (pdf and chm files). By selecting a type of file and hitting the “Go” button, you can transfer files of that type to another folder. eBooks and pictures will be divided by year and month, while mp3s will be divided by artist, year, and album if this information is available. If you want to give it a trial run, you can opt to have the files copied, rather than moved. This will leave the originals in place, though it’s quite a bit slower than moving them.

Get yours here!

You can download the VS2008 solution here, or the installer here. To run the installer, open the zip file and run the setup file inside.

Where next?

While this application is very unlikely to lose your files, blow up your PC, or sacrifice your sheep in the name of its dark masters, it’s far from complete. Aside from adding more file types, I’d like to add cancellation support to the operation, and improve the error handling so it doesn’t break down when faced with something inaccessible. These will, hopefully, be subjects for future posts. In the meantime, if there are any suggestions, the feedback is always welcome 🙂

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